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Milestone # 1


Our project addresses the problem of diagnosis and care of CHD and requires in first place, experienced researchers and clinical specialists with a background in this area. Accordingly, we have included in our team 2 epidemiologists (Dr. Leke (PI) and Prof. Dolk) and 5 paediatric cardiologists (Dr. Tanchou, Prof. Casey, Dr. Day, Dr. Aldersley, prof Zühlke). Dr. Leke has years of experience working in Cameroon and with Prof. Dolk (Ulster University, UK) where they have created the innovative Global Birth Defects App and establish the sub- Saharan African Congenital Anomaly Network (SSCAN). Through SSCAN, Leke and Dolk have been working with experts and stakeholders on CAs across Africa, including Dr. Tanchou and Dr. Nkwati from Cameroon and Dr. Aldersley and Prof. Zühlke from SA.

We have also put together a strong and experienced team of experts to handle the computer engineering tasks of the project (Dr. Deffo, Mr. Tchokote, Prof. Kainz, Dr. McAllister Prof. King, Prof. Bond, Prof. Dewar and prof Mishra – see Table 1). Finally, the educational and administrative tasks will led by Dr. NKwati from Cameroon who has extensive experience in similar roles, with support from Dr. Leke. The entire project will be led by the team from Cameroon (overall coordination and epidemiology (Dr. Leke), Paediatric cardiology (Dr. Tanchou), Engineering (Dr. Dr. Deffo and Mr. Emmanuel), educational and administrative Dr. Nkwati) with support from co-investigators from other countries