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Why Congenital heart disease

An abnormality in the heart that develops before birth.

Congenital heart defect is one of the most common types of birth defects. Symptoms include abnormal heart rhythms, blue-tinted skin, shortness of breath, failure to feed or develop normally, and swollen body tissue or organs. Treatments include medication to lower blood pressure and control heart rate, heart devices, catheter procedures and surgery. Serious cases may require a heart transplant.

Aim of HRF

To develop an AI-powered tool that facilitates the performance of echocardiography scans by nonspecialist healthcare providers at birthing centers, enabling them to obtain accurate images for transmission to expert cardiologists for diagnosis.


An AI model that guides non-expert healthcare professionals on probe movement and automatically captures and stores image/ short video clips of cardiac planes during a neonatal (0-28 days) echocardiography scan.


  • Opinion of paediatric cardiologists on the clinical utility of pilot echocardiogram images/video clips captured by non-experts using the AI model
  • A written SOP (with associated instructional video) that guides non-experts on to manoeuvre the probe during an echocardiography
  • Perspectives of various categories of healthcare personnel across SSA regarding the adoption of AI technology, including the AI model developed.